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Medline Brand and Logo Guidelines

Medline Brand and Logo Guidelines

The Medline logo is an essential component of our visual identity. With proper and prominent use, the Medline logo can achieve a strength and permanence that will build recognition and differentiate us. This is why it is crucial that we use our logo consistently and appropriately across all our communications. The Medline logo has been trademarked together as a single entity and cannot be altered in any way.

Medline Logo

To download Medline's Logo simply click:

  • Medline logo | Four-color process
  • JPG
  • Vector EPS
  • Medline logo | One-color PMS 287
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Refer to Medline's Graphic Standards for logo guidelines.

Questions? If you have any questions pertaining to the Medline's logo, applying these guidelines or Medline's visual identity, please contact the Marketing Department at

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