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Marathon® Skin Protectant


Remarkable protection from friction and moisture that lasts and lasts.


About Marathon®


Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant is a non-cytotoxic cyanoacrylate-based monomer that forms a remarkably strong protective layer over skin. It resists external moisture, yet it allows the skin to breathe.

In simple words: Marathon® is a medical grade glue that will bond to your skin and provide protection. It is an unparalleled liquid skin protectant on the market. Marathon® lasts and lasts.

Marathon® under magnification

Medline Europe Marathon - click to enlarge

Looking at the magnified microscopic picture at 500x magnification, you can see how well Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant integrates with the skin. There are no visible gaps between the skin and Marathon® since it is bonded directly to the skin.¹

When should Marathon® be used?

Medline Europe When to use Marathon

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To Protect Skin Under Medical Devices such as:
• Ostomy, including G-Tubes and tracheostomy
• Negative pressure wound therapy
• Tapes and adhesive dressings
• Oxygen tubing

Protect Fragile and Compromised Skin
• Skin tears
• Perineal and perianal area
• Periwound area
• Intertrigo
• Fistulas
• Heels

How does Marathon® work?

Medline Europe Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant

Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant consists of individual molecules (cyanoacrylate-based monomers) that polymerize when they come in contact with moisture on the skin surface. This reaction continues until 100% of the monomer molecules have joined either to each other (cohesion) or to molecules of substances present in skin (adhesion).

This type of bonding with skin ensures that the product remains in place until the epidermal cells naturally slough away², maintaining skin integrity. Because no solvents are used, there is no evaporation and 100% of the product remains on the skin.

In simple words: Marathon® reacts with the moisture and  skin surface to create a strong film that is thicker and more durable than most liquid skin protectants. Marathon® stays on the skin until the dead cells shed off naturally.

¹ Bond P. Scanning Electron Microscope Examination and Assessment of SUPERSKIN (Liquishield® S). 2001. University of Plymouth, UK. Data held on file at MedLogic Global Limited.
² Coover HW and McIntire JM. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. In:Skeist, I, ed. Handbook of Adhesives. 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.;1977:569-580.

These products are medical devices. Please refer to IFU or packaging before use.

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