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Minor Procedure Trays

Introducing Care Sets

Simple & Efficient Solutions

Introducing Care Sets

Opening a new chapter for medical sets

Medline Europe CareSet

SOLUTION - Care Sets are an all-in-one solution for various medical procedures.

QUALITY - Each set is designed to match customer specifications and is carefully produced and sterilized in Europe.

ECONOMY - With the right solutions and optimal quality, we reduce costs for our customers.

How to create your Care Sets?

Choose from our significant range of components and create a unique set that perfectly matches your needs.

Among our components you will find different variations of drapes, towels, dressings, instruments, bowls, trays, syringes, needles, personal protective equipment, and much more.

Packaging options include rigid and soft blister packs in different sizes, with and without compartments.

The most common sets are dressing sets, suture removal, skin preparation as well as dialysis and urinary catheterization sets.

Besides the products currently available in the market, Medline also offers customized solutions for different medical procedures as well as for general care and infection prevention.
Medline Europe Careset

We also offer an optimal range of standard products that will rationalize your time and resources in selecting the right solution.

All our sets are sterile and disposable.

Our team will be at your disposal for any questions and help needed to create your simple & efficient solution.

These products are medical devices. Please refer to IFU or packaging before use.

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