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Heel Protectors

Heel Protection Devices

Relieve pressure on vulnerable heels.

Heel Protection Devices


According to clinical experts, the most effective pressure ulcer prevention for the heels is pressure relief, also known as off-loading. Off-loading is achieved with the use of pillows or heel protection devices that relieve pressure by elevating the heel. HEELMEDIX™ and Heel Raiser® Pro are heel protection devices which help relieve pressure on vulnerable heels.


• Completely offloads the heel and helps redistribute pressure

• Treated with UltraFresh® anti-microbial for protection against growth of odor causing bacteria

• Machine-washable, mesh laundry bag included



All-in-one pressure relief and skin protection.

• Open heel design allows for airflow and easy monitoring

• Screen printing of “toes” and “heel” eliminates confusion to ensure the boot is applied properly

• Inner lining helps reduce friction and shear

• Inner material is absorbent, keeping the skin dry

• Gray straps pull down on sides to help protect against foot drop

• Opening on each side of the boot for hoses from DVT pressure devices

• Available in three sizes to accommodate all patients

• Color coded tags for quick size identification

MDTE823330P - Petite size with wedge, 1/ea
MDTE823330SW - Standard size with wedge, 1/ea
MDTE823330XL – Extra Large size with wedge, 1/ea

Heelmedix™ demonstration video

Heel Raiser® Pro

Heel Raiser® Pro

Protect and suspend the heel

• Breathable fabric helps control heat and moisture levels

• Fabric easily wipes clean

• Durable exterior glides across sheets, reducing friction and shear

• Improved straps allow for a better fit

• Top folds down to accommodate smaller feet and increases airflow to toes

• One size fits most

MDT823200CS – One size fits most, 4/cs

Heel Raiser® Pro demonstration video

This product is a non sterile class I medical device. Please refer to IFU before use.

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