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Ultrasorbs® Dry Pads

Ultrasorbs® Dry Pads

Advanced technology for patient care

Ultrasorbs® Dry Pads


Ultrasorbs® are unique drypads that absorb and lock away bodily moisture from the patient’s skin. Ultrasorbs are a medical device designed to prevent and reduce pressure ulcer incidents. Medline offers two different Ultrasorbs® versions whether you’re looking for superior moisture control or the strength to resist tearing.


• Protects against leakage that leads to multiple linen, dressing, or underpad changes
• High-strength design reduces tearing
• Respects individuals
• Super absorbent core pulls moisture away quickly and locks it away from the skin
• Air-permeable, crinkle-free design is quiet, comfortable and discreet
• Enhanced odour control feature makes care more pleasant

Ultrasorbs® AP (Air-Permeable)

Ultrasorbs® AP (Air-Permeable)

The original premium drypad:

• AquaShield film provides leakage protection that means fewer linen changes — no double-padding.

• Air permeable for added comfort, dryness and no embarrassing plastic film crinkling.

• Effective for use with low-air-loss mattress therapy — protects the bedding and permits airflow.

Ultrasorbs® ES (Extra-Strength)

Ultrasorbs® ES (Extra-Strength)

Premium drypad and drawpad

• Lets you move, lift and position up to 170 kg.

• Innovative Lift Support backsheet technology resists tearing.

• Eliminates the need and expense of extra draw sheets and reusable underpads for most patients.

• All the absorbency and dry comfort features of the original Ultrasorbs AP.

These products are non sterile class I medical devices. Please refer to IFU or packaging before use.

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