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Prolance® Safety Lancets

Prolance® Safety Lancets

Safety lancets for capillary blood sampling.

Prolance® Safety Lancets


Safety lancets are single-use devices for capillary blood sampling dedicated to healthcare professionals. They are an integral component to the sharps-injury prevention programs in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctor’s offices and wherever both patients and professionals need to feel safe. By using safety lancets needle-stick injuries and infections can be eliminated.

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Medline Europe Safety Lancets


• All needles are gamma-sterilized and protected with a sterility tab
• Fully enclosed needle housing ensuring that needle is hidden before and after use to prevent sharps injuries
• Self-destructing mechanism preventing reuse of the device

• Silicone-coated, ultra-sharp needles, ideally positioned during skin penetration
• Various, color-coded product versions to meet specific blood sample applications and address the variety of patient skin types

• Easy to handle, intuitive activation in 2 steps only with no pre-loading, for both push button and contact activations
• Wide and long safety cap for easy removal – simply twist and pull to remove the needle cover
• Precise designs for convenient finger positioning and ideal blood sample collection

How to use

1. Twist off the protective cap, and then pull it straight out.

2. Place Prolance® on the desired puncture site and press the button to activate the device.

3. Gently apply intermittent pressure near the puncture site to obtain the required blood volume.

See demonstration video

Product details

• Push-button activation safety lancets have a special designed construction solution which enables lancet activation by simply pressing the activation button placed on the top of the lancet.

• Needle retracts automatically and locks out for extra safety, protecting patient and health professionals from needle stick injuries.

• Ergonomic and easy to handle side ribs provide non-slip grip.

• Six sizes available:
Micro Flow – 28G needle, 1.6mm penetration depth
Low Flow – 25G needle, 1.4mm penetration depth
Normal Flow – 21G needle, 1.8mm penetration depth
High Flow – 18G needle, 1.8mm penetration depth
Max Flow – blade, 1.6mm penetration depth
Pediatric – blade, 1.2mm penetration depth

This product is a class IIa medical device. Please refer to packaging before use.

Prolance is a registered trademark of HTL-STREFA.

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