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Procedure Trays Supply Management

Business Partner Programme

The customer preference programme

Business Partner Programme

The business partner programme offers you a free logistical assessment and a visit of our manufacturing plant which leads to the optimization of your purchases across sterile procedure trays (SPT), preventive care and drapes and gowns.

The business partner programme includes:

Logistics Assessment
Medline experts will perform an on-site logistical assessment to detail the flow of products through the facility. Our team will suggest enhancement opportunities and present logistics flow analysis, results and recommendations.
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Sterile Procedure Trays Simulation
A Medline expert can come to any facility to perform a simulation of the benefit a hospital would get by switching from single sterile items to an SPT pack.

Packs Optimization
Medline experts will review your current pack and suggest changes to make the packs meet your needs even better. A report with suggested changes and updates will be provided to the hospital.

Medline Facility Visit
The visit to Medline’s sterile procedure tray plant in Chateaubriant, France lasts 1 to 2 days and may include: product & manufacturing plant introduction presentation, a visit to the warehouse and the clean room and a workshop with component samples.

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