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Falls Prevention in Hospitals

falls prevention in hospitals

Falls Prevention Awareness

Studies show that 1 in 3 individuals over the age of 65 will fall each year in the UK and the consequences of these falls can be serious with an estimated 900 experiencing severe harm and 90 patients dying because of their falls, according to NICE.

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Falls risk assessment guidelines the patient at risk

To ensure the safety of the patients they care for, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to know how to perform a falls risk assessment. It is key to identify which patients are at risk of trips and falls in a facility.

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Falls risk assessment guidelines environment

Another important component of a comprehensive plan to reduce the risk of falls is a thorough assessment of the facility's environment. An evaluation should be performed at regular intervals to identify the factors that could cause patients to fall.

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Falls prevention patient and family education

Good communication with patients and family members may help in decreasing the risk of falls. Educate them about the specific risk factors associated with their condition and review strategies to minimise them.

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Falls prevention recommendations

To minimise the cost and consequences of falls, hospitals need to implement and respect high standards and guidelines for patient safety. These strategies should include implementation of risk management instruments and tools as well as training and learning activities.

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Falls prevention medline products

Medline offers solutions to help prevent falls in the facility such as slipper socks and falls prevention kits. Our products help healthcare workers to easily identify the patients at risk of falling and to keep them safe during their stay in the facility.

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