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Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention

Medline Europe Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention

Every year, patients across the UK are diagnosed with Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP)- an infection of the lung tissue that develops as a result of being admitted to a hospital. Those patients with HAP have both an increased length of stay, and a higher mortality risk. Patients especially at risk for HAP are those who are on mechanical ventilation. These infections are known as Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) and are one of the leading mortality causes from infection in the intensive care unit¹. According to NHS, 10,000-20,000 patients are diagnosed with VAP annually².

It is important for caregivers, patients, and family members to understand the risks of VAP, as well as possible care techniques for reducing the likelihood of infection. Resources on the impact, risk factors for VAP, and education are available.

Hand Hygiene procedure

VAP is the most common infection among patients staying in the intensive care unit (ICU). Certain conditions or risk factors may increase the likelihood of patients developing VAP.

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impacts and outcomes of VAP

The high prevalence of VAP in the ICU can impact patients and staff, as well as have financial implications for the hospital.

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education and prevention of VAP

It is necessary for healthcare professionals to be aware that there are several techniques and precautions that can help patients reduce the risk of developing VAP.

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VAP prevention products oral care

VAP is a serious health risk to patients and whether in the hospital or nursing home, good oral hygiene is essential to fewer infections and an overall sense of patient satisfaction.

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